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An little

Boutique Hotel

Different than the others

Home sweet home. Nobody knows that as well as the hosts. Therefore, they go out of their way to offer a very personal atmosphere, other than it can offer large hotels. Only 14 rooms offer this small boutique Hotel. Each room is individually in size and equipment, as the guests are so different, international and lovable. In the small hotel Liberty everyone feel welcome and you will find, if you want it, quickly contact. Already at breakfast until 12 o'clock shows that it understands the needs of guests during the holidays, just sleep off times long. Beach towels, umbrellas to rent, coffee and tea in the rooms, all free of charge. For the few rainy days, there are umbrellas and a free film archive in all major languages. And when you have once learned to love the many teddy bears in the garden and in the decoration, you realize how much love providing the hotel for its guests. Actually at home? But the Hotel Liberty is there ever really close ....


Hellen and David, Manchester, UK.


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